Does your brand feel played-out, stagnant and flat-out devoid of anything fresh? Are you losing hope in finding that perfect match to catapult your brand to newfound levels of popularity? You’ve tirelessly worked to define your target audience, your logo, your tone, your voice, your company colors – just about anything and everything you can think of to reach new heights…but nothing gives. What if we said your brand lacks a face and personality? Would you believe us? Yral is here to match you with a celebrity that embodies your brand’s image so you can finally get others to see your brand authentically.

Now, what if you had access to an all-in-one platform that offered you a comprehensive and sustainable solution to the world of social influencer marketing? Whether your goal was to reach a niche audience, or achieve a maximum outreach – would you trust a well-known, respected figure to make that happen?

A brainchild of Yuvraj Singh, Nishant Singhal, and Prashant Puri, Yral – a joint venture between YouWeCan Ventures and AdLift – introduces brands to handpicked social influencers from around the globe. These influencers aren’t just anyone with a follower count; they’ve been chosen based on their expertise, reach, authority and overall popularity.

With original and relevant content via an adored figure at your disposal, you can achieve the brand advocacy you deserve.

Give Yral a shot at being your brand’s matchmaker. We promise we won’t disappoint you.

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  • prashant-puri

    Prashant Puri CEO & Co-Founder

    An alum from Columbia University, Prashant Puri is a digital marketing expert- building sites into multi-million dollar enterprises. Advertising Age recently named him in Impact Digital Power 100 – the 100 most influential people in digital media.

    Prashant Puri runs AdLift – a niche search-marketing firm focused on delivering digital marketing ROI. Prashant works closely with a number of Fortune 500 companies including PayPal, eBay, Overstock & Barnes & Noble in helping them increase their search market share.

    Prashant is part Columbia University’s Entrepreneurship Advisory Board (EAB) where he mentor’s young entrepreneurs to help grow their startups more efficiently and effectively.

    Prior to AdLift, Prashant was Head of Global Marketing at eBay’s comparison shopping arm where he was instrumental in establishing their footprint across 5 countries.

    Being an industry veteran he’s invited to speak at numerous digital marketing conferences around the world, including SMX, SES and Pubcon and as an expert in search marketing, contributed to several search marketing journals including Search Engine Journal and Marketing Pligrim.

  • nishant-singhal

    Nishant Singhal Founder & Chief Investment Officer

    Nishant Singhal has been with Yuvraj since 2010, as his business advisor. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has over 11 years of work experience with PwC. He has got a diverse experience in financial risk management, IT Strategy consulting, Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance during his PwC days.

    He has rich experience of working with large multinational clients like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, NDTV, TV Today, Naukri.com, Magicbricks.com etc. He also led financial compliance team during Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of TV Today, NDTV and Naukri.com.