IPL 2016 – Most Valuable Players

June 14, 2016

With 8 teams, 60 matches, 36 fan parks, and 94 players, VIVO IPL 2016 was a grand affair in terms of fun and fans. While, runs rolling out of the bats of AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli kept the momentum of the tournament high, the wicket-centric bowling sessions by Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Yuzvendra Chahal changed the face of many matches in last overs.


When fun meets fans

A treat for the fans, IPL 2016 successfully surpassed controversies to witness the surge in excitement with the passing of the tournament. Venues were changed after notice was issued by Supreme Court over the misuse of water in drought-hit Maharashtra, but the interest in the Premiere League remained unwavered. Hoping a historical encounter, fans ensured that the finale ticket was sold out in just two hours.

Packed stadiums witnessed fans roaring loud in support for their favourite teams. IPL enthusiasts aligned with Dwayne Bravo on his ‘Champion’ moves and celebrated the festival of cricket by going beyond the boundaries of region and countries. In this season, cheerleaders not just danced at the victory of their teams, but also cried with them during their sad times.

A win-win situation for all

IPL 2016 gave the cricket lovers many memorable moments to cherish for long. With Sarfaraz Khan’s 35 runs off 10 balls, Mustafizur Rahman’s yorker to Andre Russell that drove him off his feet, and the jaw-dropping catch taken by Naman Ojha behind the wickets off the last ball against Rising Pune Supergiants, this season was a rollercoaster experience not just for spectators but also for the players.

With Gujarat Lions and Rising Pune Supergiants as new entrants this year (replacing Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings, which are banned till IPL 2017), the season got the flavour of freshness. Though the auction price of many players was not out this season, no one can deny the fact that IPL 2016 rewarded the talent of players, over all. The eight IPL 2016 franchises spent around INR 136 crores over the final auction of 94 members, thus leaving no stone unturned to ensure the best player’s squad for themselves.

And the ‘Yral’ trophy goes to…

Let’s see who wins when the IPL score of the star performers of IPL 2016 meets their social media score. With every victory being celebrated by cricketers on social platforms, and every loss being criticised by fans online, the Yral score is all the more important. After all, it judges players’ performance on both fronts, on ground and off ground.

Who is the best Yral batsman of IPL 2016? AB de Villiers for sure!

AB de Villiers has had a fantastic tournament this IPL. His contribution to RCB is a bit underrated given the fine touch and fabulous innings of Virat Kohli. But, for the Yral score, we calculated the value of players with the bat and aggregated it with their social presence and the effectiveness (based on the price that the franchise spent on them). For AB de Villiers, we first calculated his contribution with the bat. He played 16 innings and scored 687 runs in just 407 balls. We calculated the run effectiveness of his play by taking into account the average of the balls that were faced by other batsmen in the top 10 list (which was 420). We used the run effectiveness to normalize the runs calculated by the batsman (by dividing the runs scored by the batsmen by the average ball faced parameter, which was 0.96 in his case). The run effectiveness came out to be 708 for AB de Villiers. We did this to ensure that the position in which the batsman came to bat was taken into consideration and normalized. Also, T-20 is about making an impact on the result. A player can take less number of balls to make an impact on the outcome of the match. Next, we took catches into consideration. AB de Villiers took mind boggling 19 catches. That is three times more than of any other batsman in the list. The impact of runs scored and catches taken was aggregated in a ratio of 1:5. Further, we multiplied the catches by 5 and added that to the runs scored; it came up to 804. Normalization is the best way to bring down numbers to a method where they can be analysed and incorporated with another parameter. We used exponential log to normalize the price at which the player was bought by the franchise; it came up to 18.29. We then divided the cricket score of 804 with the market value exponential of 18.29 to come up with the final IPL score of 43.9. This was however not enough; we had to gauge his performance on the social front as well. ABD is a type of player who is loved by fans from all countries; a player who cuts across geographical barriers. His social media numbers – 23 lakhs Facebook fans, 35.84 lakhs Twitter fans and 13.18 lakh Instagram fans – bear testimony to this fact. We added up all the numbers and calculated the average of the social media numbers that came up to 24,00,760. This number further needed to be normalized, so that we can have equivalent rating parameters for the social media score as well. We used log to calculate the social score that came up to 43.66. The Yral score was a multiplication of the social score and the IPL score, which finally came out to be 1,919.

On similar lines, we calculated the Yral score for other performing batsmen of IPL 2016. Without breaking anyone’s expectation, Virat Kohli and David Warner took the second and the third slot respectively. All credit goes to their impressive Yral score of 1,767 and 1,573 correspondingly.

Bowlers have continued to unsettle batsmen on the ground by their fiery bowling spell even in the 20-20 format. YS Chahal took 21 wickets in just 13 innings of IPL 2016! Owing to his smashing performance on ground and his happy followers on Twitter and Instagram, he managed to seal the first position in the Yral top 10 bowler’s list.

The next bowling sensation of Yral is Bhuvneshwar Kumar with 23 wickets in 17 innings. His followers on social media are in lakhs and his splendid bowling spell was a treat for all of them. Andre Russell comes next with 15 wickets in just 12 matches. From bowlers, the unexpected is expected, and in this IPL, they have proved this true.

So, it’s time to celebrate the amalgamation of the zeal of your much-loved players on ground with their active involvement on social media platforms.